We may often forget the men and women who strive to protect our highways every day.  The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is a wonderful organization of people who are committed to keeping travel on our roads as safe as possible.  They have a rich heritage of being  a group that strives for integrity and professionalism.  At the same time, they carry manyphoto 2

burdens that the average person will never have to bare.  The NCSHP Chaplain Program is a statewide group of volunteers who strive to help our Troopers by building relationships, being sounding boards, encouraging, helping, and praying for them.

El Bethel Baptist Church has the wonderful privilege of being able to help in this program.  Our Pastor is the District Chaplain for the NCSHP, in which he works side by side to help the people who continually help us each day.  Pray for this wonderful ministry as we try to continually reach out to be a blessing both spiritually and emotionally to these great folks.

   Colonel Grey & Pastor Washington